Fire Chulo x Punk Royal

Fire Chulo Punk Royal

As part of the launch of our exclusive new Autumn Winter capsule with Topman we are super excited to have hooked up with Fire Chulo.

Fire Chulo Punk Royal Topman

Working under the handle @fireskyhighfly Fire Chulo is one of the hottest young influencers in London and the UK today so everyone at Punk Royal is stoked our paths crossed. 

We managed to fit in a crazy shoot with him for all the new @topman gear so check out our IG account for the imagery but in the meantime we sat down for a few Q&As:

PR: How did you get a handle like Fire Chulo?

FC:The fire that never stop burning.  - I decided to use the element of fire as my handle to represent my dedication and passion to my journey. The chulo got added when my journey got realer and kinda like the tongue twist to it ... Fire Chulo the Shipper & Plugger.

PR: Did you have some kind of plan to get involved with social or has is just evolved?

CF: Being raised in La Sape (Congo) has always been a influence to my fashion lifestyle. I love standing out and feeling good and Instagram was the perfect tool for me to inspire with my fashion.

PR: Where is your favourite spot in London?

FC: I don't have a favourite spot , I love London the whole city a vibe but of course there's nothing like your own home.

PR: How did you hook up with us at Punk Royal? What stands up about it for you?

FC: I came across Punk Royal on Instagram and the brand really matched my DNA in term of clothes & story. I can't believe I still did a campaign with them still blowed my mind.

PR: What's on the playlist right now?

FC: My music really different from my style I'm inspired and listen to artist such as Meek mill , Young Dolph , Lil Baby and of course legends such as Jay Z and others. My playlist been on repeat with these artists and of course my homies on the come up.

PR: What do you think of Kanye Wests antics this year? Genius or damaging?

FC: TBH I used to love Kanye but this clout chasing behaviour as taught to stay loyal to yourself and appreciate the best things in life such as your family.

Fire Chulo Punk Royal Topman 2

We are looking forward to working with Fire Chulo in upcoming seasons, but in the mean time check out the photoshoot on Punk Royal and Fire Chulo's Instagram pages.



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